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Sexy Wear & Lingerie

Sexy Wear & Lingerie are among the top demand toys on our store. Thanks to the surge in interest of sex toys all over the world, sexy wear & lingerie purchases are on the rise
Corset String Red Corset String Red
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Brand: CottelliCollection Model: EROS-2875
Corset String Red, is a fantastic and charming red lingerie. The corset fits neatly behind the neck, evenly blends the satin with the transparent embroidered fabric, the bra has chest reinforcements, the bottom has adjustable straps, a garter and a string strap, which is elastic and silky , with emb..
36.90€ 38.90€
Crotchless Thong String Crotchless Thong String
Sold Out
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2853
Crotchless Thong, is a very sexy underwear thong, with open bottom, in black. Erotic car string, open to the crotch, offering great stimulation to the opposite sheet, slim, elastic and comfortable, fits perfectly into the body and promises hot moments with your lover. Amazing erotic lingerie design ..
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2874
Jurkje String Red, is a very beautiful and sexy red lingerie babydoll. Made of transparent lace with embroidered patterns, fastened to the back with adjustable straps, leaving the erotic uncovered, the bra has breast augmentation to keep it upright and bent. The thong that accompanies it will furthe..
36.90€ 38.90€
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2872
The Lovica Corset String is an amazing red lingerie. Beautiful and erotic set, made of lightweight corset and thong. The corset straps the shoulders, has adjustable straps, evenly blends the satin with the transparent embroidered fabric, the bra has chest reinforcement, the bottom has adjustable bel..
36.90€ 38.90€
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2867
Luiza Teddy's Women's Underwear is the underwear that won't make your partner forget your body! A very sexy bodice, for special occasions, ties to the neck, has a semi-cover bra with decorative embroidery on the chest and a thong with transparent fabric at the point in question. Very bold women's un..
22.90€ 24.90€
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2854
Luiza thong red, is a sexy underwear thong, in red. Sexy string, elastic slim and comfortable, embraces the body beautifully and promises hot erotic moments with your lover. Amazing erotic lingerie design, the front is lightly translucent and covers the area as needed, while what makes the underwear..
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2864
The Miamor Half-Bra Black, is a very sexy half bra, in black. Amazing underwear with spicy details, adjustable straps, button back positions, combines uniform satin lace and the important thing is that it has a banded bottom underneath, keeping the breasts upright and firm. Erotic and revealing half..
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2851
The panties black, is a charming and sensual underwear in black. Made of fine fabric with beautiful lace, it embraces the body beautifully, lightly accentuates the back and makes them look even more beautiful and sexy. Very elegant underwear, it is elastic, it holds in the middle with a thin rubber ..
Brand: Obsessive Model: EROS-2852
Panties black is a sensual underwear in black. Made of fine lace fabric, it embraces the body beautifully, accentuates the back and makes them look even more beautiful and sexy. Very elegant underwear, it is elastic, holds in the waist with light loose rubber lace finish and is quite comfortable. Th..
Remote Control Panty Vibe Remote Control Panty Vibe
Sold Out
Brand: Eros Toys Model: EROS-2581
The Remote Control Panty Vibe Black, is an unlikely set, consisting of a cordless mini shaker and an underwear pant. The vibrator, made of hypoallergenic and body-safe abs material, is quiet, waterproof, free of phthalates, easy to wash and clean. It has a total of 10 different vibrations, one slow,..
Brand: Rene Rofe Model: EROS-1626
The Rhinestone Garter Belt is sensual suspenders in black. They have adjustable straps, which have an amazing design, sparkling diamonds. Deceive your partner and feel more sexy than ever. They can be worn comfortably even under clothing, but they can be worn even plain, giving a different tone to y..
Brand: baci Model: EROS-2865
The Strappy Bodysuit Open Cup Bra, is a very sexy lady's underwear, in the fire red color. Amazing women's underwear with revealing details, shoulder straps, adjustable straps, snap-back seats, and a beautiful satin cord with transparent fabric. This bodysuit embraces the female body beautifully, th..
22.90€ 24.90€
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