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Double Dummies

You've already got many different ways to play with a solo dildo make your double penetration dreams a reality. Would you like to increase your arousal? Try a Double Dong

Double Dildo Pink 14in Double Dildo Pink 14in
Sold Out
Brand: Blush Model: EROS-3283
So much to explore... The Blush B Yours 14 Inch Double Dildo is perfect for depth play, partner play, and new positions! Use its extra-long length as an accessible handle for yourself or your partner, or double up and insert both ends at once. With realistic detailing and an ideal firmness, this dou..
Double Dong Pink Clear Soft Double Dong Pink Clear Soft
-24 %
Brand: Seven Creations Model: EROS-1067
Stable but flexible material allows you to use this Double Realistic Penis Dummy in a variety of ways. It's flexible enough to be bent at half for DP, but firm enough to use at any stop. Double Dong Pink Clear Soft Made of latex-free, latex, non-phthalate PVC body material, it's proud to be made in ..
24.90€ 32.90€
Brand: Seven Creations Model: EROS-2800
Double Penetrating Vibrator, is a dual realistic purple vibrator. Made from hypoallergenic jelly material, it is safe for the body, quiet, waterproof, easy to wash and clean without fungi. Double realistic vibrator, its vaginal shaft is soft and flexible, has a smooth surface with a slight curved fr..
26.90€ 28.90€
Brand: Blush Model: EROS-3213
The doctor is in! The Dr. Skin 8 Inch DP Cock gives you freedom to explore your double penetration fantasies! With a strong suction cup base, Dr. Skin will stick to any smooth, flat surface for hands-free fun. With two different dildo girths, Dr. Skin 8 Inch DP Cock is sized to fill you comfortably...
28.90€ 30.90€
Brand: MSX Model: EROS-2199
The Realistic Double Dildo, is an excellent double-edged penis in natural color. Made from hypoallergenic pvc material, it is soft, non-toxic, contains no phthalates and is safe for the body. Double realistic vibrator, tough as needed and flexible. One of the features that distinguishes this realist..
22.90€ 24.90€
Brand: ToyJoy Model: EROS-2637
Realistic Double Dong 14in..
22.90€ 24.90€
Brand: ToyJoy Model: EROS-2638
Realistic Double Dong 16in..
24.90€ 26.90€
Realistic U-Shaped Dildo Realistic U-Shaped Dildo
-12 %
Brand: MSX Model: EROS-2984
Realistic U-Shaped Dildo..
14.90€ 16.90€
Toy Cleaner S8 Toy Cleaner S8
-18 %
Brand: S8 Model: EROS-2714
Toy Cleaner S8..
8.90€ 10.90€
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