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G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus

G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
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G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
G-Spot Bgee Classic Plus
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  • Model: EROS-2363
  • Weight: 0.26g
  • Dimensions: 20.50cm x 3.80cm x 0.00cm
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The Bgee Classic Plus G-Spot Vibrator Black, is a unique unisex silky vibrator in black. Made of hypoallergenic and body-safe pu-coated abs material, non-porous, free of phthalates, waterproof, quiet, easy to penetrate, wash and clean easily without holding fungi. The curved and thick nose at the front is specially designed to easily find the g-spot of any woman and in combination with its slim body makes it easy to penetrate without injuring the area. It has 5 different levels of vibration, causing great excitement and intense moments, in all erogenous zones of woman and man, clitoris, nipples, penis balloon, prostate etc. An erotic game, which is intended for beginners of this species, but also for demanding users. The Bgee Classic Plus G-Spot Vibrator is easy to operate. In the back there is an on / off button, which is illuminated in white, so you don't get lost in the dark !!! The package also includes a storage, carry case. It has a total length of 20.5cm and a diameter of 3.8cm

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