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Stimulating Creams - Fragrances

Brand: Hot Model: EROS-1340
Το Phero Fem Eau de Parfum, είναι ένα αφροδισιακό γυναικείο άρωμα με φερομόνες. Γλυκό και φρουκτώδες άρωμα, ελκυστικό, αισθησιακό, διεγείρει τον εγκέφαλο, προσελκύει το αντίθετο φύλλο και εντείνει την επιθυμία για περισσότερη διάθεση... Το Phero Fem Eau de Parfum, είναι ιδανικό για δυναμικές..
Brand: Viamax Model: EROS-1460
Gel-stimulating cream for women who want to increase the intensity of orgasm during sexual intercourse. Sensitive Gel is a herbal, plant-based product, manufactured in Sweden by Viamax based on all European guidelines and specifications. It is safe and active and a little spread on the point in ques..
Brand: Viamax Model: EROS-1086
Warm Cream is a women-only stimulant cream. Warm Cream warms and increases sensitivity at the point of application, thereby enhancing the sense of orgasm. The results are immediate and safe. Warm Cream is a herbal, herbal-based product manufactured in Sweden by Viamax based on all European guideline..
Brand: Hot Model: EROS-2377
Woman parfum intense, is a seductive and erotic feminine fragrance with pheromones. Sweet and peppery aroma, strong, attractive, stimulates the brain, attracts the opposite leaf and intensifies the desire for something "above" ... This aphrodisiac women's fragrance is ideal for dynamic, independent ..
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