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Men Pheromones

When you have the right Fragrance & Pheromones, you can turn potential partners on. With good Fragrance & Pheromones, it's possible to make would-be partners wild.

Domination Domination
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Brand: Ruf Model: EROS-3164
Taboo Domination is a magnetic perfume for men. The bottle contains 50 ml of sulphurous and sensual perfume for a mysterious man, who reveals his power of seduction during an incandescent night. This fragrance brings a darker and erotic dimension. Fragrances: Wood - Spicy - Tobacco - Leather..
Hypno Love Hypno Love
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Brand: Ruf Model: EROS-3163
Hypno Love for Men is a subtle, captivating and hypnotic fragrance that will release your deepest desires and fantasies. A few drops on your clothes and you will become irresistible. Boost your sex appeal! Fragrances: amber - floral - wood - hesperidium Top note: bergamot / lemon / lime / mandarin H..
Libertin Libertin
-11 %
Brand: Ruf Model: EROS-3165
Taboo Libertin is a sensual fragrance for him. The bottle contains 50 ml of mystical perfume to charm and attract. Taboo Libertin is an Eau de toilette which finds its strength in a harmonious composition of floral scents and warm notes of citrus and wood. This sensual perfume frees its enchanting s..
16.90€ 18.90€
PheroMen Eau de Toilette PheroMen Eau de Toilette
-27 %
Brand: Hot Model: EROS-1341
PheroMen Eau de Toilette, is an erotic and aphrodisiac male fragrance with pheromones. Dynamic and woody fragrance, sensual, attractive, stimulates the brain, attracts the opposite leaf and intensifies the desire for something "above" ... PheroMen Eau de Toilette, is ideal for independent, dynamic, ..
10.90€ 14.90€
Smak for Men Smak for Men
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Brand: Ruf Model: EROS-3162
Smak for Men is an elegant perfume with virile and intense notes. A unique fragrance that evolves and becomes a sensual identity. The name of Smak already raises promises of unforgettable kisses and this scent increases sexual attraction. Fragrances: amber - floral - wood - hesperidium Top note: lem..
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